Ginger Grass Oil – Distinguished Natural Oil

Ginger grass in often addressed as the natural wonder oil of the earth. The properties of the oil are such that distinguish it from all the other essential oils that are present on the earth. Be it its smell or its soothing effect, everything about the oil something that cannot be easily found in any other oil.

Ginger Grass oil is extracted from the fragrant ginger grass plant. It is a perennial plant that grows up to a maximum height of 9 feet. Ginger grass is indigenous to India and is found growing in Madagascar, Brazil and a few other parts of Asia. This herbaceous plant has long slender stems and terminal flowering tops.

Ginger grass plant is a member of the Poaceae plant family to which lemon grass, meadow grass and centipede grass belongs to. The leaves or the grass of this plant is green, fresh and unique with its special aroma. This relative of lemongrass is found growing in Maharashtra, India on a large scale. Ginger grass has spicy earth notes that make its presence significant in certain Ayurvedic and herbal formulations.

Ginger Grass essential oil has a strong green scent with a peppery and lemony touch. This oil is extracted from Ginger grass either through steam distillation method or water distillation method. The special aroma of this oil can be defined as grassy, sharp, woody, peppery, lemony and fatty sweet. Ginger grass essential oil blends well with –

  • Rosewood oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Cedarwood oil
  • Cananga oil
  • Geranium oil

Ginger grass was first distilled way back in the 18th century and its popularity has barely diminished. It was first used to improve circulation and blood flow and to eliminate stress. It is still used by aromatherapists to treat both these conditions.

Gingergrass essential oil, India (C. martinii var. sofia)though a close relative of palmarosa has a unique chemistry and subsequently unmatched aroma. The oily grassy notes are due to the interesting Perilla alcohol that also adds a fatty-herbal kick. A synonym for Perilla alcohol is dihydro cuminyl alcohol. Fresh rosy notes with a slight woodiness are perhaps the reason Indian soap makers have used this oil extensively for decades.

  • Gingergrass essential oil helps in increasing the blood flow/circulation.
  • It is helpful in calming and reducing stress.
  • Gingergrass oil is also believed to be a mood uplifting, euphoric and aphrodisiac oil.
  • It is also used in Men’s perfumes/colognes.
  • The oil of gingergrass is used extensively in soap making and cosmetic industries because of it’s wonderful aromatic properties.

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Ginger – Miraculous Herb

Some things cannot be confined to the mere pages of a notebook…and the herb Ginger is just one of them….It has myriad uses…be it for diseases….pains….foods….name it and ginger is used for it…One prolific herb and spice I tell you….

Ginger has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to treat problems such as

  • Vomiting
  • abdominal bloating
  • diarrhea
  • coughing
  • rheumatism

Tibb and Ayurvedic medicine also uses ginger to treat inflammatory joint diseases including rheumatism and arthritis…

Ginger root is used today to provide relief for symptoms of motion sickness including sweating….vomiting…dizziness….and nausea….No conclusive results were found when studies compared commercial medications with ginger….Signs of similar results between the two did seem apparent in the studies…

Ginger has other uses including relieving arthritis pain…ulcerative colitis…menstrual discomfort…headaches…fevers from flu and colds…and sore throats…Gastrointestinal problems including heartburn and gas can also be treated with ginger….The muscles of the gastrointestinal tract can be strengthened by the use of garlic…Ginger is also used to treat arthritis…both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis…It is thought that garlic can also provide relief for toothaches…but no scientific evidence exists to support this….

Ginger has warming…circulatory and anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a tonic to help normal digestive process…The value of Ginger has been recognized by physicians and herbalists the entire world over…tapping into the incredible benefits of this amazing plant….All this is quite remarkable from a single natural herbal food…

Ginger is helpful in warming the body against winter ills and chills…It is highly valued in the sophisticated world of Chinese healing and is used as a main ingredient in many traditional remedies….The story is basically the same around the world and at the heart of all traditional medicines…whenever digestive problems set in….ginger offers great support….

Talking about….Ginger Grass Oil…It is an essential oil that resembles palmarosa oil but has an odour like that of common ginger and that is obtained especially from a ginger grass (Cymbopogon martinii var. sofia)… 

Ginger grass shoots off the ginger rhizome when you plant it…The grass will grow to be 2 to 4 feet tall at full maturity…In a couple months after planting the ginger…though…you’ll have grass that’s a foot tall…

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Quick Tip For Ginger Grass Oil’s Use

I have been getting requests for some handy tips for the use of Ginger grass oil for the basic use of it on a daily basis…So here I am with it… 

But before that understand a little about Ginger Grass oil’s being…. 

Ginger grass is basically a perennial…herbaceous plant with slender stem and leaves with flowering tops…The plant has a fresh…sharp…green scent….The oil extracted from Ginger grass has a sharp…woods…herbal smell….The color ranges from light golden yellow to amber….Ginger grass is related to the lemongrass herb…and has been distilled since the 18th century in India….It is often used to scent perfumes and in Ayurvedic traditions…Combinations of other essential oils can be used to recreate similar qualities to ginger grass…Okay…following is a tip regarding the use of ginger grass oil…Read on…

Firstly…Nothing doing…Just put on gloves…Essential oils like ginger grass oil can be very strong and when touched directly can cause skin irritation…Fill two-thirds of the bottle with almond oil…a carrier oil used to dilute essential oils and make application to the skin easier….Got this much? Moving ahead now….

Add 3 drops of ginger grass oil to the almond oil….It will simulate the clean earthen scent of ginger grass…..Ginger grass…alleviates stress and invigorates the senses….

Okay….now what you have to do is…Add 3 drops of ginger essential oil to the blend….Close the bottle top and shake well….Ginger mimics the woodsy scent of ginger grass and its ability to warm muscles and relieve tension

And now…..Add 3 drops of black pepper essential oil….Close the bottle top and shake to combine….Black pepper simulates the crisp scent and improves circulation when applied to the skin….one of the key uses of ginger grass…

Lastly….Add more ginger grass oil to the mixture if the scent is too sharp….The mixture should have a herbal earthen scent….If it is too clean…add more black pepper….Work with the scents…one drop at a time…shaking the bottle with each new addition…When you are satisfied with the mixture…close the lid and wash the outside of the bottle to remove any drops of essential oil….Place a rubber band around the middle of the bottle to catch any drops that may fall when using the mixture…

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